Nation Mourns:
Depot Museum
150th Commemorative Events: A Nation Mourns:
In 2015, communities in Columbia and Westchester Counties are marking this historic event between February and the end of April.

On April 25, both Hudson and Stuyvesant will hold commemorative vigils with bonfires, gun salutes, draped buildings, period church remembrances, tableaus, musical presentations,reenactments, historical interpretation and other events.

April 25 and 26, Lincoln's Funeral remembrance:
Lincoln Depot Museum, Peekskill, NY
Come pay your respects to our Commander in Chief as he lies in state at the Lincoln Depot Museum.

Guest speakers,
exhibits, living history encampment, music:
More details to follow.

Feb 9, 12:00 pm Press Conference,
Congressman Chris Gibson
Hudson Amtrak Station, Hudson

Feb 20, 6:00 pm “Remembering Lincoln”
Congressman Chris Gibson
Lincoln as a complex historical figure worthy
of our close study.
Ichabod Crane Central School, High School
Auditorium, 2910 Rte. 9, Valatie

March 5, 7:00 Lincoln’s Final Journey to Albany
Jack McEneny, Author of “Albany: Capitol
City on the Hudson”
Stuyvesant Town Hall, 5 Sunset Drive,

March 15, 2:00 “Underwhere? in the1860s: Women’s Clothing in the mid 19th Century”
Kjirsten Gustavson, Education Director,
Clermont State Historic Site
Stuyvesant Town Hall, 5 Sunset Drive,

April 19, 3:00 “Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory:
A Nation Mourns”
A Lincoln Musical Tribute, 77th New York
Regimental Balladeers
Program includes Lincoln’s favorite songs and fiddle medleys, Aaron Copeland’s “Lincoln Portrait”, classics Amazing Grace, Battle Hymn of the Republic, Gettysburg Address and more.
Audience sing-along.
First Presbyterian Church, 369 Warren St, Hudson

April 23, 10:30 “Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address
and the Meaning of the Civil War”
Ted Hilscher, Associate Professor of History,
Columbia Greene Community College, Adult
Learning Institute, Listen & Learn Program,
Faculty/Staff Lounge, Main Building
4400 Rte 23, Hudson
Open to the public. Registration requested:
828-4181, Ext 3431

April 24–26, Lincoln’s Long Journey Home
1–4 pm DAR Exhibit: Tells the story of the
assassination of President Lincoln
and the trip on the Funeral Train
DAR, 113 Warren Street, Hudson

Additional organizations with events to be announced:
Operation Unite NY, Hudson
Shiloh Baptist Church, Hudson
Town of Hillsdale
Town of Claverack

April 25 Activities
• tableaus and music by Ichabod Crane Central School students
• an original skit written for the occasion by Kate McLeod
• reenactors including Mrs. Lincoln, Solomon Northrup
and a Civil War surgeon
• tableau depicting activities when the train stopped in Hudson
• eulogy done in the style of the mid 19th century
• interpretive displays
• reading from the diary of Elizabeth Miller who
went to Albany to honor Mr. Lincoln
• reading of Walt Whitman’s Civil War poetry
• period and contemporary food
• Civil War period music
• fiddle tunes by Colin McCoy
• gun salutes
• bonfires
• 1800s funeral customs

2015 will be an extraordinary year for reenactors,individuals and organizations that are steeped in Civil War
history. This 150th anniversary year will remind us of one of the most important events in the course of American History—the death of President Abraham Lincoln.

Although all events are free, donations are welcome.

Please visit our Facebook page.
Featured exhibit: copies
of three issues of The Old
Flag, a handwritten prison
newspaper from Camp
Ford, Tyler, Texas, 1864

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